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PPC Marketing | Ruzila Custom Consulting


PPC stands for “pay per click,” and if you’ve seen “sponsored ads” in Facebook that look like friends’ posts or results that appear above Google’s organic search, results with the little green “Ad” tag, you know what this channel looks like in the wild.

This particular form of marketing is considered to be highly-targeted, as you bid on the specific keywords you want and reach potential customers at the exact moment they’re interested in your product or service.

PPC ads are most often seen in the form of search results listings (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines)

However, the term can also encompass display network placements, banner advertisements, retargeting campaigns, and other tactics that involve a set fee that’s charged whenever a web user clicks on one of your company’s ads.

Average Cost:

PPC ad click costs depend on your industry and the particular keywords you’re advertising for (understandably, if it’s more expensive to place an ad for “shoes” than it is for “women”s running shoes in Illinois”, as there are more companies competing for general, top-level keywords than there are bidding on more specific, targeted “long-tail” queries.

Is is also worth noting that the best way to get results is to send any new visitors you acquire via PPC to a targeted, specific landing page.  You may already have one that’ll suffice, but investing in new ones (that have been tested in your profession or that match your product type) can drastically improve the conversion rate and the ROI of PPC marketing.

Doing so may represent an additional cost, but it may be recouped in your overall campaign performance.

Time to see results:

With PPC marketing, you can start seeing visitors to your landing page as soon as your campaign is launched.  You will, however, need to plan some extra time managing these campaigns or hire us to ensure your customer acquisition costs don’t exceed their average lifetime value.

When to use it:

Use PPC when you have the available budget to do so, when you have internal expertise to manage your PPC campaigns profitably or you can hire us, and when you’re relatively confident in the funnel you’ve built to channel new website visitors into deeper engagement.


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