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Paid Social Media Marketing | Ruzila Custom Consulting


While organic social media marketing takes time to build engagement, paid social media marketing captures views immediately with ads that put your message in front of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn users.

Paid Social Media Marketing includes:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Instagram Ads (managed through Facebook’s platform)
  • LinkedIn Ads

Pinterest offers Promoted Pins program to advertisers in lifestyle niches, while Snapchat have recently launched a self serve ads platform.

Time to see results:

As with PPC ads, paid social media ads can begin driving traffic and conversions immediately upon launch.  It may, however, take some time for your campaigns to become profitable as you test different creatives and targeting options.

When to use it:

Use paid social media marketing when your audience is active on your targeted network, and when you have the appropriate systems in place to turn followers who click on ads into leads.

With ads often resulting in views of your profile, they tend to work best when combined with a strong organic social media strategy.

If possible, pursue paid social ads when you have someone internally who have someone internally who has the analytical nature needed to design split tests and track ROI results (or who, ideally, has past experience running these types of campaigns). Like PPC, the learning curve for paid social campaigns can be steep an expensive.

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