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Email Marketing | Ruzila Custom Consulting


Email marketing is just as it sounds – sending messages to people who have expressed interest in receiving email communications from you, typically with the intent of encouraging sales or other types of engagement.

Email marketing can take a number of different forms.  For example:

  • Website visitors who sign up to receive your newsletter can be sent ongoing, content-based email sequences that nature them and educate them on your company.
  • Highly-engaged email subscribers – for instance, those who regularly open your messages or how have purchased from you in the past – can be segmented and sent special discount opportunities or VIP offers.
  • Shoppers who have abandoned their carts in your e-commerce shop can be sent personalized emails that lure them back to complete their purchases.

Time to see results:

Depending on the size of your email list and the type of emails you’re sending, you may see results immediately or you may need some time to get traction.  Some marketers suggest that it’s possible to generate $38 in revenue for every $1 spent – a 3,800 ROI – when email marketing.

When to use it:

From the start.  Email marketing pairs well with many of the other channels mentioned in this guide by enabling prospects to form an ongoing relationship with your company.

According to some estimates, it takes a prospect 6-8 “touches” (or engagements with a brand) to become a viable sales lead.  Techniques like PPC, SEO and content marketing will get people on your site, but they won’t necessarily keep them coming back.  Getting permission to email visitors directly gives you the opportunity to make these necessary appeals over time.

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